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Q: What vehicles will this work on?

Please select your make and model on checkout - However please note this product will ONLY work on models with OBD2 system from 1996 and above. Before 1996 vehicles had OBDI which this product will not work with. Further, not all vehicles after 1996 may work with this product if your vehicle is not from USA.


What model vehicles will the JDM Performance Chip work with?

The JDM Performance Chip is compatible with factory equipped Turbo / Superchargers, diesel engines, Flex-Fuel, & HHO systems.
It is NOT compatible with hybrid engine options, propane or natural-gas powered engines.

Most vehicles 1996 and above except for some rare models.

What are recommended upgrades to go along with this product?


Recommended modifications :
- K&N or equivalent non-restrictive intake or filter upgrade for additional air flow
- 91-92 octane fuel to prevent knocking from advanced timing


What are the typical power gains?

  • After installing our chip you can expect the following benefits:
  • Increase in power - up to 50 horsepower
  • Better engine response
  • Faster 0 -to 60 MPH and 1/4 mile acceleration times
  • Increase engine efficiency
  • Increased smoothness of engine and automatic transmission
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Flatter and longer torque curve
  • Higher top end pull
  • Extends life of spark plugs and your engine