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What will the JDM PROM Performance Chip do for you?


The vehicle specific JDM PROM Chip is custom tuned, designed and tested
providing the absolute best performance, power and fuel economy for your
vehicle. Because the JDM tuning chip works in sync with your engine's ECU
rather than replacing it, all original engine safety functions are retained.
The JDM PROM is designed to work with any car in all weather conditions
and with any combination of different engine modifications.
The PROM is designed to give optimum performance and economy right out
of the box to enhance your driving experience.



Hidden HorsePower- JDM PRO Chips will increase your horsepower up to 50%


You can use The JDM PROM chip to gain more horsepower and torque with quicker
response with less gear changing. You will benefit from greater low-down torque for
improved pulling power and higher HP for better all out performance. Throttle response
will be crisper, gear changes smoother with more mid range pull without engine labor in
higher gears.

Plug it in and the job is done!

The JDM PROM features an easy "plug and play" installation to your car's
factory harness with absolutely no negative side effects. This is a "NO" risk install,
and is guaranteed not to interfere with your factory warranty on your vehicle.
The advantage of the JDM PROM is that it operates safely and efficiently.
If you ever want to go back to your factory settings, you can simply un-install the
JDM PROM system and your Engine Control Module will instantly reprogram itself
back to original factory specifications.

Does this chip really save me money?


The JDM PROM chip works with your existing sensors to communicate with your
ECU to properly tune your fuel maps. This setting optimizes your fuel curves to
increases your gas mileage instantly, by supplying the proper amount of fuel to your
injectors, perfectly tweaking your fuel maps to your specific engine setup and driving


Enhanced driving experience.


JDM PRO Chips remap the timing of the ignition to give you greater throttle response.
These mapping specifications will optimize performance increase fuel economy and deliver
maximum horsepower otherwise restricted by factory settings. Our microprocessor
controlled tuning Chips contain engine-specific dynamic "maps" that are placed in the
unit's memory. The "maps" are all dynamometer tested and proven to give a very
noticeable increase in performance This intelligent feature gives the unit the ability to work
in sync with your engine, providing economy or power depending on your driving requirements.




  • Easy Plug and Play Installation on Vehicles 1996+ (Only works with vehicle with OBD2 Plug under dash)
  • Custom Tuned for your vehicle model and engine type
  • Again up to 40HP and 40TQ
  • Reliable and 100% Reversible Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty